Sonal Vishwakarma (Maa Meera): A School Teacher. Meditation Teacher  & Practitioner of “Chakra Sadhana” Meditation Technique, Japa & Pranayama.

My role model is Swami Vivekananda. My hobbies include exploring Spiritual Practices, Gyming, Trekking, spending time with Nature, listening to Music & Singing, reading Philosophical, Scientific & Spiritual books. My Goal is to "Explore Super Natural Powers (Energy-Realization)", "Soul-Realization" & "Evolution Beyond". 

Swami Satyabharti

Experience in 'QUANTUM POWER' Chakra Sadhana Meditation, Vipassana, Bach Flower Therapy, Singing Bowl Energy Healing, Chakra Therapies, Kriya Yoga, Access Consciousness (Bars), Pranic Twin Heart, Shambhavi Kriya, Sudarshan Kriya, EFT, Swami Vivekananda's Raja Yoga, Transcendental Meditation + TM Siddhi + TM Yogic Flying, Dynamic Meditation, Sahaja Yoga, Zen, Anapanasati Meditation, Samarpan Dhyan, Vihangam Yog, Kundalini Kriya Pranayama, Prana Violet Healing, Mindfulness Meditation, ‘Chakra Dhyana’ Meditation, ‘Agni Chakra Dhyana’ Meditation, BK's Raja Yoga, Reiki Levels I II III, Karuna Reiki, Psychic Surgery, Japa, NLP, Asana, Pranayama, Silva Method, Life Coach Certification & Many More. I have been doing extensive studies on Spiritual Books such as Vedanta, Upanishads, Geeta, Safalta ka Saral Marg, Osho's The Chakra Book, Complete Works of Swami Vivekakanda, Autobiography of a Yogi, Power of Now ...  and Scientific Books such as My Big Toe, Theory of Everything, Quantum Physics, Super String Theory, Higgs Boson, Black Hole, Unified Field and many more.

Sunil Vishwakarma (Swami Vivekbharti), BE, PMP, CC, CL: I was working as a Program Manager ERP Projects for IT Industry in MNCs such as Cognizant (CTS) & Tata Consultancy Services (TCSL) for around 17.0+ Years, now a 'CHAKRA EXPERT & LIFE COACH' (& Dr. Shrink @Life Shot Center -Drug Less Pain Less Innovations). I am an Engineering Graduate (B.E.) from Mumbai University & got various opportunities to work in different geographies for many years such as Europe & US, which helped me to get acquainted with Western Cultures. All though I was in IT however I was more inclined towards Spirituality. I have been researching on Spiritual subjects for around 12.0+ Years.

       Spiritual Lineage: Shri Om Prakash Saraswati > Swami Satyaabharti > Swami Vivekbharti & Maa Meera


Finding Your Path

I am a certified Competent Communicator (CC) and Competent Leader (CL) from Toastmasters International ( I have given lectures & conducted Meditation Sessions on various platforms such as Toastmasters Club, Sai Karuna Missions (, Rotary Club, Sumances Forum ( and various other spiritual & non-spiritual events. I have conducted "Chakra Science" & "Chakra Sadhana" Technique Courses for more than 100+ Spiritual Aspirants.

Words are not enough to describe Our Master, however trying to express in few words!   

Spiritual Master Swami Satyaabharti has been conducting Spiritual Retreats, Meditation Sessions on Various Techniques (Sadhana) specially on "Chakras" across India for more than 30 years.

His Devotees  & Disciples include people from various Professions like Doctors, Engineers, Advocates, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, Businessman & Spiritual Seekers. Guruji  has spent many years in Himalayas and received various Meditation Techniques from very highly evolved Souls there. Guruji's Guruji was Shri Om Prakash Saraswati who was a direct disciple of Osho.

Swami Satyaabharti brought to the world a very Rare & Powerful Techniques of "Chakra Sadhana" Meditation  & “Chakra Healing" Therapy from Himalayas which can act as a Master Key for Balanced Successful Life & for Self-Realization. Also Book authored by Guruji "Safalta ka Saral Marg" (Hindi Version) meaning "Easy Route to Success" on "Chakra Science" and "Chakra Sadhana" Medication Technique is now available at nominal cost of Rs. 299/-. 


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Swami Vivekbharati
Be a Self-Healer, 'Family-Healer' or Professional Healer by Learning 'Quantum Power' Chakra Sadhana MEDITATION, TRAINING & Healing on Singing Bowl Sound Healing, Chakra Orgonites Crystal Healing, Bach Flower Healing, Access Bar Consciousness... To Heal mainly ALL 7 Major CHAKRAS & to Silence the Mind. Huge Discounts for STUDENTS!
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