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Be a Self-Healer, 'Family-Healer' or Professional Healer by Learning 'Quantum Power' Chakra Sadhana MEDITATION, TRAINING & Healing on Singing Bowl Sound Healing, Chakra Orgonites Crystal Healing, Bach Flower Healing, Access Bar Consciousness... To Heal mainly ALL 7 Major CHAKRAS & to Silence the Mind. Huge Discounts for STUDENTS!
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 (Best Help is to know the Inner-Self!)         

Chakra Sadhana Meditation
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​Daily Dose of Divinity
> ENERGY MANAGEMENT: Everyday Fill inside Prana Energy Highly, Feel it inside & outside all time and spend it wisely !!! 

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(Meditation, Healing, Training Center & Orgonites Product)

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Car has only 1 fuel tank to take us to a great distance, Our body has 7 major fuel tanks called Chakras to take us to a final destination.
​(1) Mooladhara Chakra (Root Chakra) > (Quality: Center of Survival)
​(2) Swadhisdhana Chakra (Sacral Plexus) > (Quality: Center of Pleasures)
(3) Manipura Chakra (Solar or Navel Chakra) > (Quality: Center of Will-Power)
(4) Anahata Chakra (Heart Chakra) > (Quality: Center of Love)
​(5) Vishuddhi Chakra (Throat Chakra) > (Quality: Center of Communication)
(6) Agya Chakra (3rd Eye or Brow Chakra) > (Quality: Center of Super Natural Powers)

(7) Sahasrara Chakra (Crown Chakra) > (Quality: Center of Spirituality)

UNIVERSE in Few Words
Universe contains only two things

Creator [Collective Consciousness]
      Advaita: (Sanskrit; not-two, "no second") refers to the idea that the true Self, Atman, is the same as the highest

     Reality, Brahman i.e.   nonduality of Atman and Brahman (Atman is same as Supreme Atman). Brahman is discussed

     in Hindu texts with the concept of Atman (Soul, Self).
      > Adi Shankara the first historical proponent of Advaita Vedanta

      > Swami Vivekananda played a major role in the revival of Hinduism and the spread of Advaita Vedanta to the west 

          via the Ramakrishna Mission

Creation [Akasha/Prana]

    Akasha: It is the building material of this physical Universe. Akasha is the common source of other 4 elements.

   Akasha is also known as Ether or Space. Quark is the smallest known particle of Akasha.

    Prana:    It is the common source of all forces of Nature. Prana Energy is also know as Finest Ether or Unified Field or

    Universal Energy or Divine Energy or Chi/Ki as per Chinese language. Higg's Boson (or Gods Particle) is the smallest

    known particle of Prana Energy.

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