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Dedicated Book titled "Safalta ka Saral Marg" (Hindi Version) meaning

"Easy Route to Success" on "Chakra Science" and "Chakra Sadhana" Technique, authored by My Guruji Swami Satyaabharti, is available at nominal cost of Rs: 299/-​

E-Book available at nominal cost of Rs. 200/-

2. CHAKRA HEALTH THERAPY [ Healthy Body & Strong Mind simply means Energized Balanced Chakras! 

Chakras are Our Energies Storing Tanks of Flexible Capacity. Chakras acts as Gateways to Our Mind & Consciousness. Chakra System Provide the Architecture of Mind & Soul.​
The main task of Chakras are to Absorb, Store, Distribute ​Regulate Prana Energy (Life Force, Universal Energy)  throughout the Body for all our Physical & Mental Activities. Hence Chakras are the Pillars of our Existence. 

​Law of Attractions works only as per Energies in Chakras. Energized Balanced Chakras automatically attract Positive Qualities in Life. Hence Charge All 7 Main Chakras to live a complete life. 


      'Chakra Sadhana' is the Simple Safe technique from Himalaya, to Energize, Heal and Balance All 7 Main 

      It also moves Urja (Kundalini Energy) from lower Chakra to the top Chakras in a controlled manner.

      Feel the difference instantly, It is a proven technique for a Stress-Free, Peaceful, Healthy & Balanced Successful Life.

Easy solutions for your Health, Wealth and Relationships using Gem Stones &

Other Therapies. Gem Stones are the healing stones which attract Energies to heal

your Chakras automatically.

There are various Gem Stones differ in colors and healing power, they can be picked based

on the Chakras to be healed.   

Gem Stones, Vaastu, Chakra Scanning & Consulting to Heal & Balance 7 Main Chakras

Chakra Sadhana Meditation

​​​​​1. ''CHAKRA SADHANA" TECHNIQUE​ [ Chakras are the Greatest Secrets of Creator & Creation ! ]


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3. CHAKRA HEALING THERAPY [ Experience the Power of Prana Energies! ]
      Disease or weakness is a result of Chakra imbalance or lack of Prana Energy in the Chakras/specific body

      parts. Therapy can be given as alternative medicine option to Charge, Heal and Balance the 7 main Chakras. ​

Self-Heal All Your 7 Main Chakras by learning 'Chakra Sadhana' Technique Course. Course Fee is 50% Less for STUDENTS !
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 (Best Help is to know the Inner Self !)         

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